About us

Baer projects develops holistic solutions as a link between context, requirement, target group, emotions, image, implementation and authenticity. With the help of our interdisciplinary team and our long experience as a small, agile company, we start, where others stop. We are looking forward to technical challenges, new cooperations and interesting requests. 

Brand performance

In harmony with their business philosophy and with the help of material refining, light installations and remarkable graphic and room conceptions, we develop coherent and interesting brand performances, that stay in people’s minds. We already realized projects for Jägermeister, adidas, Smirnoff, Carlsberg, American Spirit and Monkey 47

Light design

Especially in the area of interior conception and event planning, one of the most important factors is atmospherically suitable light. The effects and the possible applications of LED lights are infinite and variable. Apart from flexible module elements such as LED-Tubes for fairs and after-show parties, we offer custom-made light installations. 

Material refinement

No matter if it is for a lounge area, a festival truck or a fair booth, we will find the perfect look for your project. For this purpose we attach particular importance on high quality materials, details and the newest technology. We have the possibilities to highlight your ideas with wood engravings, glass prints or powder coatings. Material refinement imparts an incredible aesthetic on a visual and haptical level of perception. differs a lot from usual prints. For the design and implementation of different graphic elements, we have qualified graphics and illustrators at hand.

Room and object design

For the visualization and presentation, we create high resolution displays of our concepts, for our clients. Thanks to modern technology, we can visualize not only rappings and products, but also rooms with 3D renderings. Like this you are able to experience the finished project before its realization.