Jägermeister Lounge

We created a new wall design for the lounge area of the Subway Club in Cologne, as an assignment from Jägermeister

The disco hosts not only R’n’B, Hip Hop, Remix and Dancehall nights, but also occasional Jazz evenings with live music. Therefore, the new design had to be atmospherically adaptable. The choice of motives was inspired by the urban street scenes in front of the Subway Club, the natural surroundings of the Jägermeister stag and futuristic polygons. 

The wall is illuminated by so called “LED-Wall-Washers” in three different colors. The lamps can be adjusted separately and can be operated jointly. The color of the light makes it possible to only see one scene on the wall. The transitions create different situative moods on the basis of just one graphic.